Funtoo Creator Subscription

Are you finding that typical Linux distributions are not meeting your specific needs?

Are you a fan of Open Source but find yourself too busy to collaborate with free software developers to get exactly what you want?

Let us help!

The Funtoo Creator subscription is ideal for labs, hardware appliance vendors, grid computing environments and supercomputer installations with on-site technical staff.

We'll provide you with a production-quality, performance-optimized Funtoo or Gentoo Linux operating system designed to address your unique technical requirements. Daniel Robbins, creator of Gentoo Linux, will consult with you to assess your specific needs, and will oversee the creation of your platform as well as its ongoing development.

Maintenance is included -- we'll do the heavy lifting of creating custom packages, maintaining the platform with ongoing security fixes, and delivering up-to-date production-quality builds.

Also note: your subcription entitles you to unlimited installations of your operating system within your organization. Unlike other vendors, we do not charge per physical server, per core, etc. Enjoy the benefits of true free software!

Everything we do is 100% community-friendly. We'll ensure that you're fully integrated into the larger free software community by sending patches and improvements upstream and interacting with the free software community as needed on bug trackers, mailing lists and GitHub.

You'll get the maximum possible benefit out of Open Source, while ensuring that others also benefit from your innovations, improvements and bug fixes. It's simply the best of both worlds -- Open Source working at its finest.

We will:

  • Provide ongoing Funtoo and Gentoo Linux support for your team
  • Track security threats and provide timely fixes for vulnerabilities
  • Maintain a set of customized ebuilds specific to your needs
  • Custom-build and test flavors of Funtoo Linux for use in your environment
  • Deliver binaries, or provide you with the ability to build your own binary install images from source
  • Community integration -- As requested, we'll send your patches and fixes upstream for you.

The Funtoo Creator Service includes:

  • Support of a single internal team in your organization - we will coordinate with up to two team representatives
  • Identification and patching of software vulnerabilities
  • Ongoing maintenance of small overlays (20 ebuilds or fewer)
  • Support of a single build of Funtoo Linux designed to run on a physical CPU architecture.
  • Support of a single production kernel (debian-sources-lts)
  • Creation, maintenance and support of up to 4 system variants/flavors
  • Automated build testing of your environments via metro -- and optional delivery of binaries
  • Up to 30 hours per month of time dedicated to the ongoing maintenance of your operating system
  • Up to 400 binary packages per OS build

Let us help you get the most out of Open Source. And please feel free to contact us for any specific requests not covered above.