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Mar 1, 2018: New Daniel Robbins IBM developerWorks article -- Get More out of your ZeroMQ Application

BreezyOps is ready to help.

What do you get when you combine good software engineering practices with a deep understanding of DevOps? Production software that scales, from day one.

What do you get when you combine DevOps with world-class software engineering? DevOps done right, in a fraction of the time.

BreezyOps is a team of Open Source veterans who specialize in combining world-class DevOps with high-quality software development services to deliver exceptional results, quickly, at reasonable cost.

Whether you need assistance getting a new project off the ground, or are looking for the right team to provide continued care for an environment you've created -- we are ready to help.


Daniel Robbins
President, BreezyOps

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About our team.

Daniel Robbins, Founder and Team Lead. Creator of the Gentoo Linux and Funtoo Linux operating systems, used by Google as the foundation for ChromeOS, and by CoreOS as the foundation for Container Linux. Daniel serves as Senior Architect and oversees all new infrastructure design, and actively develops DevOps and developer productivity tools for BreezyOps. Daniel has assembled a world-class team of experts in cloud, container and developer productivity technology to serve your needs.

Some of the Technologies We Use...

AWS Google Cloud Slack Python PHP HHVM Ansible Red Hat Gentoo JIRA JIRA nginx Docker

We are Open Source.

We aren't newcomers to the world of Open Source. In fact, we have helped prominent Open Source projects to grow and mature for more than a decade, and continue to be actively involved in the next generation of Open Source growth. Leverage our experience and put it to work for you.